New York-based artist and comedic performer Jennifer Sullivan talks about:

Her neighborhood of Ridgewood, Queens (the non-fancy section, as opposed to the one adjacent to Bushwick), where she’s led tours; her performing, both in character as Julian Schnabel, and doing standup comedy, mainly at the Funny Hole, her local speak easy/artist hangout; her comedy about being single, and her real life being single, and how the two have dovetailed; her performance anxiety-induced nausea before standup comedy performances (and she defines comedy as courageously sharing strange ideas you wouldn’t share in normal life); the weirdness and scenester-ness of the art world; her dating life, including learning to be happy while single, which will in turn make her a better partner when she meets someone; how, through being in analysis, she’s come to a place of being very open, with her emotions very close to the surface. All this combined leads to a very intimate and deep episode, yet not without humor—classic Conversation.