With the release of episode #197, guest Kate McQuillen is generously donating several signed editions of her poster, Night House. For $25 plus shipping*, you can own one, support The Conversation and receive bonus episodes of the podcast.

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Night House project and poster info:
Set within the peaceful neighborhood setting of Oak Park, Illinois, Kate McQuillen’s large-scale, August 2015 installation, titled “Night House,” covered the front of a two-story suburban home with a printed image of a glittering, star-filled night sky. The installation sparked considerations of cosmic themes, dreams, and the outsized aspirations held by those who live behind ordinary suburban homes. The fundraiser poster was produced by hand using five screens; six inks (glow-in-the-dark, silver, varnish, yellow, white and a split fountain); dimensions are 16″ x 20″; and is printed on Neenah Eclipse Black paper. It is an open edition, signed by the artist.


Brooklyn-based artist Kate McQuillen talks about:

Moving to Greenpoint, Brooklyn from Chicago, a move she made rather abruptly though cushioned the transition with brief stints in Connecticut and then Boston; the turning points that led her to her move, including both art career opportunity and the breakdown of her marriage; how the intensity of her marriage falling apart led her to seek out talk therapy for the first time mostly on her own with just a little bit of reinforcement of the idea from a friend, and what she learned about herself once she found a great therapist (on her 2nd try); the sales of a significant amount of her work to Saks 5th Avenue through their acquisitions director, who came back around to buy even more work after that first major purchase, thus becoming something like a fairy godmother for Kate; baby steps in starting to date again after leaving her marriage; and how it hit her, in the middle of this past winter, that this (New York…Brooklyn) is her new life.