The Conversation Podcast’s first live recording took place on September 9 at Ochi Projects gallery (and was generously hosted by Pauli Ochi).

Along with me, the co-conversationalists included writer and independent curator Katie Bode, artist Stephanie Pryor and writer Matt Stromberg. In a nutshell the conversation covered the artist’s relationship to the market, or vice versa, through the lenses of–New Museum artistic director Massimiliano Gioni’s comment about art being more than ‘visual entertainment;’ the explosion of abstraction in the marketplace; the paradigm-shifted landscape via technology, in particular Instagram; the roles of collectors, and the new types of collectors, impacting the art world; The show Forever Now at MoMA; and how one’s financial background affects, or doesn’t, an artist’s path as far as more traditional or more experimental.

Christian Viveros-Faune, art writer for the Village Voice and ArtNet, returns to The Conversation to talk about:
the triumph of the new Whitney Museum building; the Museum of Modern Art’s struggles (including curator Klaus Biesenbach’s star-fucking, and why the Forever Now show sucked); the situation with censored Cuban artist Tania Bruguera, and why no of consequence will defend her; and money and the art world, particularly in the form of collectors-built museums (the Rubells, the Mugrabis).