Videos of Matt Starr as Amazon Boy: Amazon Boy 1 and Amazon Boy 2

Amazon Boy 1


Highland Park-based art and culture writer Alicia Eler talks about:

Her home in Highland Park, where’s she a tenant of the owners of the artist-run Adjunct Positions, and so never far from an opening and artists, and where she’s become a kind of permanent ‘writer-in-residence’;  her various experiences with standup comedy, as a culture writer and as a would-be standup; the performance artist Jibz Cameron, aka Dynasty Handbag; the distinctions and (limited) cross-overs between the art and entertainment worlds, particularly being in Los Angeles, with crossover examples including comedians/actors Maria Bamford and Kate Berlant; her take on the reality show ‘Work of Art: the Next Great Artist,’ which featured two of her friends (who both came in 2nd), Peregrine Honig and Young Sun Han; the differing bars to entry for the art world and the comedy world, and their respective pros and cons; her standup experiences, including figuring out that she needed to write herself as the hero of her story in order not to bomb; and her experience diving deep into Tinder, the dating and hook-up app, which she played a lot like a video game, detaching from the expectations of having any kind of actual in-real-life results, though just before canceling her account she met someone whom she’s still dating.