The Conversation Art Podcast T-shirts are here!

Now you can support the podcast and get a great t-shirt simultaneously. Featuring the podcast’s notoriously banned “P-word” on the front, and logo on the back, the shirt comes in four colors (black, heather grey, navy and charcoal grey), and two different thicknesses: 5.3oz feels like a normal shirt and 4.5oz is a softer style (Urban Outfitters-like) .

Cost is $26.25 ($20 per shirt and $6.25 for shipping) via Venmo. Please email for my Venmo user name to pay that way, or if you want to simply pay with Paypal (see link both on upper right and below text), it’s $27.30 (to account for Paypal’s fee).

For multiple t-shirts, a $6.25 flat rate box can fit three rolled up shirts; a medium size box is $12 and can probably fit 6 to 8 rolled up shirts; and a large box is $17 and should hold up to 15 shirts. These are US Postal Service Flat Rates.


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Donations to the show are always very welcome. Even modest contributions of $12 or $20 are very much appreciated, and if you donate $25 or more, or pledge $3 per month via Patreon, you’ll be put on the special contributor list and be send all of our bonus episodes.

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