Los Angeles and internationally-based artist Lisa C Soto talks about:

Her Global Child tendencies, which make her itchy to be traveling and/or abroad after she’s in the States for too long; how she misses the culture that one gets abroad, particularly dissemination of information – in the hair salons in London, for example, they’re talking about contemporary art, whereas here it’s about reality show-style pop culture; her growing up in both the south of Spain and NYC, which manifested in her 3 month travel rhythm; the strong lineage of intuition in her mother’s lineage, which gave her the ability to read people’s energy, something she was really good at as a youth, though “as you age your head gets filled with ego and so the intensity of that skill has dissipated, making me rely more on meditation”; her particular love of Ghana, where she has spent a lot of time in, will be returning to and would even consider moving to in the future; and the energy (and chakra) forces which are how she moves through and understands the world and universe (which she is not always putting out as conversational material but is happy to talk about). Soto sees her art works not as installations per se, but as force fields and cloaks.


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