Kansas City-based artist, educator and Rocket Grants program coordinator Julia Cole talks about all things Kanas City, including: the housing  and rental markets, which are still affordable, but gentrification is making its presence felt in certain neighborhoods; her public art projects, which she collaborates on with her husband; how living in such an affordable city allows her to take more risks in her art, since she isn’t depending on income from it; how she moved from being a scientist to an artist, as well as her path from England (which she still loves and dreams about) to settling in the States; the perils of working on public art projects, whose pay schedules are unpredictable;  how she’s come to appreciate her neighborhood and community in KC, amid a thoughtful meditation on acceptance and learning to love the here and now; how living in KC means not living in a sealed bubble (politically), which she appreciates; and she talks about her least favorite art expression of art jargon, ‘creative placemaking,’ which she co-wrote an article about: http://www.lumpenmagazine.org/thoughts-on-creative-placetaking/

And here are Julia’s shout-outs to long-term, influential Kansas City artists: Mike Sinclair, Roger Shimomura, Jose Faus, Egawa & Zbryk, Peregrine Honig, Glenn North, Cary Esser, Jim Woodfill, Warren Rosser, David Ford, Sonie Joi Ruffin, Miki Baird, Marcie Miller Gross, Albert Bitterman, Gloria Baker Feinstein, Mark Southerland, Erika Nelson, Jorge Garcia Almodovar, Judith G. Levy, Dave Loewenstein, Anne Austin Pearce, Marcus Cain, Archie Scott Gobber, Barry Anderson, Susan White, Laura Berman, Caitlin Horsmon and Charlotte Street Curator in Residence, Lynnette Miranda



  • Mocary

    Hi Michael, I just finished the Julia Cole interview and enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for bringing Kansas City into your podcast via Julia, and earlier, Adriane Herman. I collaborated with Adriane on a project two years ago that won a Rocket Grant and allowed Adriane and I to place our artwork, via audio ads, on 220 public buses in Kansas City. We went WAY out of the white cube, and it was a blast. It was a wonderful experience and I thank Julia and Charlotte Street for their encouragement and support all along the way. And Adriane for all her Experience Brokering… Since you and Julia did touch on politics just a bit I will note that after 40 years on the east coast my wife and I moved to KC in 1996. In our 20 years here we have had four mayors, two African-American men, a white man, and a white woman. All won re-election except for the white man. That’s right New York and Los Angeles, we elected a WOMAN mayor and she did such a good job she got re-elected. Try it sometime… If you visit KC anytime soon, come see me at the Belger Arts Center. We’ve got a great Jasper Johns show up through the first of September. Your bro in KC,MO Mo Dickens

    • theconversationartpodcast

      Hi Mo, Thank you for the great feedback, as well as shout-out to K.C.’s progressive mayoral history (!) Adriane mentioned that whenever I visited KC I could either crash with you, or if not you would probably know someone with whom I could…so will definitely be in touch with you whenever I make it there. If KCAI has a visiting artist program that might be interested in having me as a guest, perhaps you could pass the word along?
      Anyway, thanks again for sharing, and hope to meet up with you at some point one of these days….all best, Michael

  • Katie C

    Love the new intro style – guess it’s not permanent, but it’s a nice change to hear some words from the artist up front.

    • theconversationartpodcast

      Thanks Katie C! Yeah, I think I will use it again, just depends on the guest/episode.

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