Los Angeles-based artist and witch (yes, you read that right) Amanda Yates Garcia, along with co-host Deb Klowden Mann, talks about:

Her beloved craftsman home in the West Adams neighborhood, and how she got in before the gentrification race that’s going on now; how she answers the question of what she does by saying that she’s a witch, and the ensuing conversation around that, including being a provocateur even when she doesn’t feel like being one; artists and witches through the ages, and how the meaning of being a witch can be as diverse as the meanings of being an artist; how a big part of being a witch, for her, is examining authority- who gets to make the rules; how to invoke your spirit figure, whether it’s a name that’s been invoked many times, from your own culture ideally, or more one of your own created entity; how magic, not unlike art, is not about belief, believing in magic, or believing in art; how she was raised in a Wiccan household with a feminist mother, but who also had a lot of patriarchal ideas; the failings of patriarchy today, and what happened in her “Devouring Patriarchy – Healing the Wounds of the Father” workshop; how, in addition to representing for witches, she’s also representing for ‘healing,’ a maligned word in the context of contemporary art, but she doesn’t give a f*ck—it’s desperately needed in our world now (that and love); her performance “Capitalism Exorcism” ritual; the subtle distinctions between objects used in performance/ceremony as ritual objects, and becoming art objects; how she is able to sustain herself as a witch, but not an artist; how she’s no longer attached to the idea of being known as ‘an artist,’ an identity that she (and many) was especially attached to out of grad school; and she offers a magical financial tip, having to do with getting (buying) the thing that you yourself are selling.

4 comments on “Ep. #139: Amanda Yates Garcia- L.A.-based artist and witch

  1. cachinero Jul 5, 2016

    What a captivating episode… Amanda was surprisingly grounded and practical with a deep level of self-awareness. I loved how the episode veered away from tired arguments about art and focused on her individual and complex practice both as a witch and as an artist and the lack of distinction between the two.

    • theconversationartpodcast Jul 5, 2016

      Thanks Van! Glad you enjoyed/appreciated it!
      Hope we can catch up before too long. Shoot me a Skype msg. when you think of it.

  2. Z3TA2 Sep 20, 2017

    I wanted to listen to it, but the play button doesn’t start any audio.

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