Los Angeles-based painter and sculptor Sarah Cain talks about:

living in Highland Park, and the trials and tribulations she went through in buying a house (with a studio) there; moving to France as a foreign exchange student at 15, with only a year of French under her belt; going to grad school at UC Berkeley, as opposed to the Cooper Union-to-Yale dual track that she thought was the ticket at the time; being a woman who goes after what she wants, and, as a woman in the art world who’s been accused of being too forthright with certain museum curators; her ambition, and how that’s informed her career, including getting out of her Upstate New York hometown; the lack of discovery and experimentation in some art; her reputation while in San Francisco and how it’s changed since moving to L.A. in 2007; the many routes to success in the art world, whether through the work and NOT being an immense socialite, or the ‘fake it till you make it’ approach; her relationship to class, having come from a lower-middle class background, to now frequently being in the company of the 1%; how she works in the studio vs. how she works onsite when doing over-the-top installations; and what she thinks about abstraction in its different forms, including her thoughts on having made it when it was very unpopular, vs. now when it’s become so popular.


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