Ep.#129: Helen Toomer, director of the Pulse art fair, former owner of Toomer Labzda gallery on the Lower East Side

February 27

Helen Toomer, the director of the PULSE New York and Miami Contemporary Art Fairs, talks about:

what led her to come to the States, New York in specific, from England, and how she’s the black sheep of the family since she’s the only one who left her home country; her two years running Toomer Labzda on the Lower East Side, which she ran with her now ex-husband, Chris Labzda, an artist, who she married after nine months together, and what she learned from that time as a gallerist; how she got the job with PULSE, what goes into running an art fair- including selecting exhibitors and keeping them happy; and how to best manage your time as an art fair-goer or exhibitor.

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