Tulsa Kinney talks about: coming to Los Angeles from southern Missouri; her art career, which was eclipsed by her writing and then her launch of Artillery, Los Angeles’ first glossy contemporary art magazine, in 2006. We talk about the struggles of running and surviving as an art mag, working with writers who are afraid to write critical reviews, the onerous aspects of the art world as Tulsa sees them, and the changing and expanding L.A. art world and how that might be affecting the magazine’s future. We’re joined by frequent co-host Deb Klowden Mann.

2 comments on “Ep. #111: Tulsa Kinney, editor and publisher of Artillery magazine

  1. Wendy Widell Wolff Aug 16, 2015

    Hi Michael…Loved the interview with Tulsa… She is very transparent about the realities of her business. Hey can you run that Live Podcast thing by us one more time. What exactly is the gallery called? Would you mind telling us the address as well. Thanks for the one hour of art talk. By the way, Deb is so amazingly articulate. You two make an astute team.

    • theconversationartpodcast Aug 16, 2015

      Hi Wendy-
      thank you so much for your kind words, as always. Yes, good questions; I was planning on giving specific details in the next intro., but glad you asked: http://www.ochiprojects.com/contact/
      it’s 3301 W. Washington Blvd. LA 90018
      Looking forward to having Deb back for a recording later this month/early Sept.
      all best,

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