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Larry Clark, Photograph Sale in Los Angeles

Larry Clark, Photograph Sale in Los Angeles

From San Diego listener Adam Whatley:

My wife and I stumbled into a Larry Clark photo sale in LA’s Chinatown. We were at the oogabooga book store and the girl working there said “they are selling Larry Clark photos in that room over there if you want to go check it out.” We had no idea who “Larry Clark” was, but we are always up for checking something new out. The room was bare with no signage or information – nothing.

We joined in with the cool kids and quickly rifled through a pile of old photos/Polaroids that were in the middle of the room in a beat-up wooden box. I thought someone was just unloading some old skate photos in LA. I overheard someone behind me say “for 13 photos it will be thirteen-twenty-five with tax.” I told my wife to pick a couple out and we would buy them as a memento of this odd room and strange situation. The cashier had left his fold-out table and Macbook to go outside for a minute, so my wife asked a 20-ish-year-old guy standing near the cash box, “Are you Larry Clark?” He let out a scoff and said, “ummm, no, I don’t look that old do I?” The sales guy returned and said “that will be two eighteen with tax” I handed him $2.00 and asked my wife for a quarter for the tax.
You see where this is going.
He said “That’s TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN DOLLARS”……He didn’t yell it but pronounced it very articulately and slowly as if he was speaking to an old, deaf, very uncool man. Imagine the horror and disgust on that hipster kid’s face when I told him I thought the photos were $1.00. We apologized and without a word he just sat there stunned that we would be so ignorant. The shock in the room was palpable. I had to ask him for my 2 dollars back as he wouldn’t move or say anything. Visibly pissed and disgruntled, he continued to stare at me as he handed me my crumpled two dollars back.


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