The Conversation 3-Way, Episode 3: Art & Therapy, with Jen Collins and Julian Hoeber

A discussion about Art and Therapy with Julian Hoeber and Jen Collins, who collaborated on a performance in July 2013 in which Jen saw eight performers/patients within the inner rooms of Julian’s installation.

We discuss the intersection of art and therapy, our own experience with therapy, and boundaries between artist and therapist and therapist and patient.

  • Wendy Widell Wolff

    Appreciated learning about this very talented artist. I also loved the honest conversation about his life. I was struck by his great affection for his family life.

    • theconversationartpodcast

      Thank you for the appreciation, Wendy. In case you aren’t aware, there’s actually a prior episode with just Julian in a one-on-one conversation; here it is:

      • Wendy Widell Wolff

        I just discovered these podcasts a couple weeks ago! I love the way you converse! You draw great stuff out of your amazing guests! Perfect!
        Is this your art?

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