The Conversation 3-Way, Episode 1 (the inaugural episode!):

Host Michael Shaw sits down with Karl Haendel and Aaron Morse for the inaugural episode of The Conversation 3-Way.

For the inaugural episode, we discussed:

Urs Fischer at MoCA;

The present and future of art fairs in L.A. (including Art Platform and Paris Photo);

and we each chose ‘artists you probably haven’t heard of but should’:

Karl: David RobbinsChristine Wang

Aaron: Fritz Scholder

Michael: Cary Leibowitz, aka Candyass

(links to podcast, followed by guests’ websites, where available)

The Conversation 3-Way, Episode 1 5/30/13 (with Karl Haendel and Aaron Morse)

Samantha Fields on airbrush painting and the culture of airbrush; teaching at Cal. State Northridge and Miss Sam’s Charm School, in which she teaches her students about artist etiquette; and the series of studio visits that didn’t and then did lead to her gallery represenation.

Dani Tull on growing up in Hollywood from a multi-generational artist family; going to San Francisco Art Institute; his large-scale project about model homes and commodification of lifestyle; the culture and practice of Ayahuasca; showing with Blum & Poe; and acquiring the only two autographs he’s ever cared to get, from two intriguing behemoths of their fields.

Oliver McIrwin from his solo show at ACE gallery straight out of school, to an exodus from the art world for a career in engineering, and everything in between.


As an engineer, Oliver has worked for WET Design, the company that made the fountains of the Bellagio, and is now doing electrical engineering for a 3d printing company called Solid Concepts.


Here are videos of some of his work:

 Short Teaser for Aquaculture exhibit at Aran Cravey Gallery:


Plant That Dances To The Macarena At Statlter Waldorf Gallery:

His MFA exhibition: