Oliver McIrwin from his solo show at ACE gallery straight out of school, to an exodus from the art world for a career in engineering, and everything in between.


As an engineer, Oliver has worked for WET Design, the company that made the fountains of the Bellagio, and is now doing electrical engineering for a 3d printing company called Solid Concepts.


Here are videos of some of his work:

 Short Teaser for Aquaculture exhibit at Aran Cravey Gallery:


Plant That Dances To The Macarena At Statlter Waldorf Gallery:

His MFA exhibition:


The Conversation 3-Way, Episode 3: Art & Therapy, with Jen Collins and Julian Hoeber

A discussion about Art and Therapy with Julian Hoeber and Jen Collins, who collaborated on a performance in July 2013 in which Jen saw eight performers/patients within the inner rooms of Julian’s installation.

We discuss the intersection of art and therapy, our own experience with therapy, and boundaries between artist and therapist and therapist and patient.

New York Update with Jillian Steinhauer of Hyperallergic

A discussion of recent New York art-related activity with Jillian Steinhauer, senior editor of Hyperallergic, a NY-based blogozine. Topics include Jay-Z’s Picasso Baby, the Marina Abramovic Institute, Cooper Union student protests about tuition, and the James Turrell surveys, in NY and LA.

Jillian and Michael talk about: Jay Z’s Picasso Baby (here’s Klaus Biesenbach on the event/video); the Marina Abramovic Institute and the brand that is Marina (here’s Hyperallergic’s take on Marina Abramovic and branding); James Turrell shows at the Guggenheim and LACMA; and Free Cooper Union–the student protests (here’s an article on Cooper Union’s protests that Jillian recommends).

 The Conversation 3-Way, Episode 2, Part 1
with Robyn O’Neil, Ed Schad, Michael Shaw and special guest Iva Georguieva

Michael Shaw joins past guest Robyn O’Neil and art writer and curator Ed Schad–plus special call-in guest Iva Gueorguieva–for the 2nd episode of The Conversation 3-Way.

For Episode 2, Part 1 of 2, we discussed:

Artists we Hated/Didn’t Get and then Loved-Robyn: Alex Katz; Anselm Keifer; Ed: Takashi Murakami; Michael: Doug Huebler

Artists we Loved then Hated: Robyn: Matthew Ritchie; Michael: Robert Rauschenberg

The Pros and Cons of heavy exhibition production cycles, with special guest Iva Gueorguieva; which also covered the career cycles of Robyn and Cy Twombly