The Conversation 3-Way, Episode 2, Part 2, with Robyn O’Neil, Ed Schad, and Michael Shaw

he 2nd half of Michael Shaw’s conversation with past guest Robyn O’Neil and art writer and curator Ed Schad:
Topic 3- on the art reviewer and the art reviewee;
and inspired television recommendations with art-worthy slants.

For Episode 2, part 2, we discussed:

Being reviewed as an artist; reviewing as a writer; and-

intriguing television recommendations:

Ed: The Cosby Show  Robyn: Errol Morris’s First Person and On Cinema Michael: Starved

Cole Case, Los Angeles-based painter, on: being a political cartoonist in his adolescence/young adulthood; the challenges of transitioning into fine art; going back to (art) school at 35 (and subsequently leaving his job and ending his marriage); and surviving through some eviscerating art critiques, from Tim Ebner and Fred Fehlau, among others. Dealer Deb Klowden Mann co-hosts.

The Conversation 3-Way, Episode 1 (the inaugural episode!):

Host Michael Shaw sits down with Karl Haendel and Aaron Morse for the inaugural episode of The Conversation 3-Way.

For the inaugural episode, we discussed:

Urs Fischer at MoCA;

The present and future of art fairs in L.A. (including Art Platform and Paris Photo);

and we each chose ‘artists you probably haven’t heard of but should’:

Karl: David RobbinsChristine Wang

Aaron: Fritz Scholder

Michael: Cary Leibowitz, aka Candyass

(links to podcast, followed by guests’ websites, where available)

The Conversation 3-Way, Episode 1 5/30/13 (with Karl Haendel and Aaron Morse)

Samantha Fields on airbrush painting and the culture of airbrush; teaching at Cal. State Northridge and Miss Sam’s Charm School, in which she teaches her students about artist etiquette; and the series of studio visits that didn’t and then did lead to her gallery represenation.